Sunday, February 6, 2011

White wine day 3: the day of Yeast!

  As promised,  here is a photo of our lovely little yeast colony in our white wine.  It is not particularly pretty, but it actually smells great.  Just like bread dough.

  The same yeast used in making wine and brewing beer is used in baking and has been since our culinary ancestors started baking leavened breads and making wine and beer.  Interestingly the yeast took quite the left turn overnight.  Saturday night when i checked on the carboy, the yeast was all floating at the top like a disk of foam.  I looked at it Sunday morning and most of it had dropped down in to the juice leaving islands of yeast floating on top.  This is suppose to happen, but i just don't remember it happening this quickly.  The floating islands of yeast are visually bubbly, due to the CO2 the yeast is producing. The juice sounds carbonated, which is also suppose to happen.  It sounds just like when your making that ginger ale, cranberry juice and rainbow sherbet punch for the refreshment table at a high school function where there will be parents involved.  That sound after you have poured the ginger ale into the punch bowl, and added the sherbet  but before you've added the cranberry juice.  The sound of the carbonation forming on the sherbet,  its quite noticeable.  By the way I do not recommend that punch to exist anywhere outside of high school, its not really as good as the mom's setting up the refreshment tables lead us to believe back then.

    I made it a point to check on the yeast situation later Sunday evening before posting, and the yeast has virtually fallen completely from the surface.  The carbonation aspect of the juice appears to have increased.  If you look at the juice it is actually bubbling like a glass of ginger ale.   It still has the strong yeast smell and appears to be coming along nicely.  By Thursday it should be about ready for the next step in the wine making process.  
   I have some fun non-wine posts planned for this week.  So until then, 
Happy Cooking!

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